IPC (Intrapleural Permanent Tunnelled Chest Catheter for Malignant Pleural Effusion and Chylothorax)


(Assoc. Prof. Erkan YILDIRIM, MD, PhD, f.e.t.c.s. / Thoracic & Lung Transplant Surgeon / Istanbul –TURKEY)

IPC (Intrapleural Permanent Tunnelled Chest Catheter for Malignant Pleural Effusion and Chylothorax)

  • ICU Stay: No
  • HOSPITAL Stay: 3 days
  • TOTAL Stay in TURKEY (range in DAYS*; unless any other complications!): 5-6 Days


Before Surgery

  • Consultations: Anesthesia and if needed Chest Diseases and Medical Oncology! *(Chest Diseases and Oncology are Not included in the total charges)
  • Blood Tests: Yes (Hemogram, Serology, Biochemistry, Blood type)
  • Chest X-Ray: Yes (*Bilateral; PA and Lateral Chest Graphies)
  • Abdominal X-Ray: No
  • PFT (Pulmonary Function Test): No
  • V/Q Scan (Lung Ventilation / Perfusion Scan): No
  • Chest and/or Abdominal CT Scan: Chest CT Scan – *(If the patient have the CT scans already done, then no need to take additional CT scans preop)-*(Not included in the total charge)
  • PET / CT Scan (Positron Emisson Tomography): No
  • MRI (Chest, Abdomen and/or Brain) –  *(If the patient have the MRI already done, then no need to take additional MRI preop): No
  • Bone Scan: No
  • USG / Ultrasonography (Chest, Abdomen, and/or others): Not routine – If needed!* – Preop evaluation (* Not included in the total charges)

During Surgery

  • General Anesthesia: No
  • Local/Regional Anesthesia: No
  • Local Anesthesia + Sedation: Yes
  • Spinal/Epidural Anesthesia: No
  • PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia; Epidural or IV route! – *(Not included in the total charges!): If needed!

After Surgery

  • HOSPITAL STAY after the ICU period, if ever: 2-3 Days
  • STAY AT HOTEL after being discharged from Hospital –  *’Wound Dressing’ Everyday till the Control Day!: 2-3 Days
  • First CONTROL Day! – Get the Stitches removed, If ever!: Day 10: 5th Day
  • Discharged to HOME – *Take your prescription – DO NOT FORGET! – Patient generally could have “a safe flight to home” after the FIRST CONTROL!: 5th-6th Day
  • After – Surgery (4th Week) – Needs CONSULTATIONS by “Medical AND Radiation Oncology Clinics”: Yes
  • Late – CONTROLS (1st -3rd – 6th – 12th -24th months in concordance with “the Medical & Radiation Oncology Departments Follow-ups”)!: Yes


INCLUDED (If needed!)* in the total CHARGES; – Blood (if necessary, up to 2 bags), First Chest X-Ray, – Frozen / Section and Pathology, – Prolene Mesh and Methylmetacrylate, – Clips, – First pectus bar, – First day of the ICU (if mentioned above!)

NOT-INCLUDED (If needed!)* in the total CHARGES are; – Preop/ Postop Computerized Tomography, MRI, PET-CT, – Tracheal Stents, – Thoracoscopic staplers & Fireing Apparatus + Alexis retractor, – Tissue glue (Tissell, Fibrin etc.), – Pectus Bars (2nd and 3rd one, if needed!)*, – 2nd and the rest of consultations of the other clinics, if needed!, – PFT (Pulmonary Function Tests), USG (Ultrasonography), Bone Scan, if needed!, – V/Q Scan (Lung Ventilation/Perfusion Scan), if needed!, – 2nd & the rest of the ICU Days AND Accommodation and transfers are not included!

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