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RULES against the SECOND WAVE of COVID-19

  • Do not use ELEVATOR. Walk up the stairs.
  • AVOID activities in closed spaces such as cinema, theater, concert, prefer outdoor activities.
  • Don’t swim in the pools, but if so, take a shower, wear bones and glasses.
  • Stay away from usage environments such as closed, narrow, and airles
  • Spend a very short time in the supermarkets.
  • Avoid habit of getting close contact such as hugging, kissing, hand shaking and t
  • Have good sleep and water every day to boost your immunity.
  • Do not touch any place, but if so WASH your hands with soap and water.
  • Do not wear a mask while doing sports; Play outdoorsand and get 8 meters away from other
  • WEAR THE MASK PROPERLY. Mouth and nose will be closed.
  • Do not put the mask in your pocket, and lower it to the chin.
  • Do not use crowded transport vehicles without masking. As soon as you get out of the vehicle, disinfect your hands.
  • Do not smoke and drink alcohol if you want to be
  • Do not eat processed and preserved foods.

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