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Patent 1 & Patent 2 (Brief Descriptions)


“Automatic Bar Bender”




The present invention relates to a medical device which enables the “automatic” bending of the pectus bar to be used in the correction of the deformities of the sunken chest (pectus excavatum) and the pigeon’s chest (pectus carinatum).


Traditionally, pectus bars used in chest wall deformities are manually bended by the surgeon.  In these operations, due to the complex anatomy of the patient’s deformity, it may not be possible to give the ideal shape every time.  Patient-specific bar bending is performed using bending and straightening tools;  After placing the pectus bar under the sternum at the required level, it is often necessary to move it out of the body again when some final corrections are needed.  This additional step increases operation time and also the risk of complications (organ injury, bleeding, etc.).


The present invention aims to prepare a pre-operatively bent bar using the coordinates of the deformity and the coordination of the desired position determined by the surgeon using special software.  This software takes DICOM images of patients’ preoperative 3D thorax tomography to determine the coordinates of the deformity and the desired bar shape.  Also, as an alternative method, the shape of the soft metal template used in classical surgery can be copied by the ‘key copy’ method.


This patent will probably change the clinical pectus bar bending process providing excellent results with high satisfaction rates of both the patients and the surgeons.


Patent 2: Balloned Pressure Adjustable Pectus Bar



Pectus BAR model with BALLOON / PRESSURE ADJUSTABLE to be developed by using the standard bar (Lorenz Bar; titanium / NUSS Operation) (or ‘steel’ pectus bar) in patients with Sunken Chest (Pectus EXCAVATUM).


This “BALLOON / PRESSURE ADJUSTABLE PECTUS BAR will have groove/channel on it. The balloon (small-medium-large) will be placed on the groove in the bar, according to the case. On the BALLOON bar, there will be a wire (on both sides) that can be moved from one end of the bar to the other end in the slot.


The balloon should be brought to the area on the bar where the breastbone is most collapsed (or to the position of the doctor’s will) and kept there at the desired pressure (which is inflated to the point where the collapse of the breastbone is corrected visually during surgery; and also, calculation of the needed pressure for correction of the anterior chest wall could be done by a vacuum bell). The aim is to develop a “pressure-controlled Pectus Bar model with BALLOON” maintaining the pressure for at least 3 years

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