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IPC (Intrapleural Permanent Tunnelled CHEST Catheter for MPE (Malignant Pleural Effusion) and Chylothorax

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http://www.goguscerrahisi.com.tr/akcigerin-kanserli-sivisi-tedavisi-kalici-tunelli-akciger-kateteri . There is also a video about the subject in this web page.

IN LUNG CANCER or ORGAN CANCERS, If it is advanced, an untreatable, increasing pleural malignant effusions (cancerous lung fluid) may accumulate in lungs. The treatment of this fluid requires hospitalization. With the IPC diagnostic catheter, the patient is required to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days. Afterwards, s/he can spend his/her time in the home environment with his/her family. Liquids,which accumulate in the lungs, can be drained into the vacuum bottles by the patient or his/her relatives. This process is up to the patient’s control and hospitalization is not required again to drain the liquids.

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Details of the Procedure: By applying local anaesthesia and sedation to the patient (without giving the patient general anaesthesia ) in the operating room, an IPC tunnel catheter is placed in the patient. The IPC tunnel is placed in the lung cavity, to where fluid accumulates, in accordance with the transcatheter technique. The process is terminated. If necessary, two IPC tunnel catheters can be placed in the two lung cavities at the same time.

Post-Procedure: The important issue to consider after the procedure is a mild pain in the surgical area. Pain is eliminated by using an appropriate pain reliever. Both pain relievers and antibiotics are prescribed for 1 week to 10 days after the operation. Patients usually return to their routine lives within 1-2 weeks. After the operation, it is highly important for patients to perform 30-45 min. daily walks regularly. Abundant protein nutrition is also very important, if there is no harm for the patients.

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